Saturday, 23 May 2015

The stuff that saved my skin


My skin type is dry, like Sahara standard dry and I've always kind of kept on top of it. It still felt dry but it wasn't uncomfortable if you know what I mean.
I also have eczema and the majority of things out there that help eczema like E45 and Aveeno actually irritate me even more. Thankfully my face isn't as sensitive but I'm still careful about what I slap on it.
A month ago it got worse as I ended up with a skin infection (ew,I know) and the lovely doctor said to give this a go.

I will admit I was really scared as I'd never tried this before and if it didn't react well then I was gonna be in a lot of pain very soon. But my skin thankfully loved it. It cleared up all my eczema and has stopped all the itchiness. 
But the main reason I'm blogging about it is because of how good it works on my face.
When my skin was really dry I'd use this morning and night with my serum underneath and my skin just drank it up. Now my face is better I use this every other day and I really don't think my skin has looked or felt better.

I use it in the morning by scooping it into my fingers and then melting it between my fingertips and then working it into my skin really well and then applying the Boots Botanical Beauty balm on top and then foundation. It leaves me with a really dewy finish that I love and means I can use foundation that previously would have gone super cakey and dry on my face.
I also use it to take of my makeup and I have a small tub at work to use to wash my hands as any other soap leaves them dry and cracked and then I use a small bit as hand cream so it's a multi use miracle product for me!
Obviously if you have normal to oily skin this probably would not work as well on your skin but if you have dry to really dry skin I would definitely give it a go.

Ingredients are:Liquid Parrafin Ph. Eur.; Cetomacrogol Emulsifying Wax BP (contains Cetostearyl Alcohol and Macrogol Cetostearyl Ether 22) Yellow Soft Paraffin BP

It hasn't clogged up my skin at all and leaves it feeling super moisturised and hydrated.
A 500 gram tub will set you back around €14.50 in Boots and the small 150 gram tub is around €9 so what I've been doing is scooping out a bit from the big one and storing it in a small pot thats a lot easier to carry around . I take this everywhere with me now, I LOVE it.

(This isn't sponsered, I just really love it)

Thanks for reading.


  1. I love this stuff too! If my skin is playing up, I use this as a cleanser and overnight moisturiser, and my skin is so soft afterwards! The big pump is great value too.

  2. it's fantastic stuff! Must check out the pump as it would be a bit more hygenic if I ever get through my tub,it lasts for ages!

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