Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks


This is my first foray into Makeup Revelolution and it would be about time too! its a brand that is talked about and shown constanty on any social media and they have built quite a loyal following so I had to see why,
The main reason it took me so long is that I hate ordering things online- I like instant gratification when I spend my money, so when I seen that they were in Superdrug in The Square I made my way.

I picked up three lipsticks from the range, breaking the bank at €1.09 or €1.29 each, I cant remember exactly.

L-R:Depraved, Crime and Dare

Two of the shades I picked up are "Scandalous" shades, the purple and pink ones. I agree with Depraved being a bit out of your comfort zone but the pink (Crime) is actually one of the prettiest pinks I own. 
Depraved does take two to three layers for full opacity and it does tend to highlight any dry bits on your lips but for less than €1.50 its a lot better than I thought it would be.

Crime is a gorgeous pink shade but its not as bright or as pigmented as I was hoping for by the look of the tube.
I'll probably get a bit more wear out of this way but I like my pinks shocking.

Dare is a tomato red shade that goes on drier than the other two, it can have a tendancy to tug slightly and the finish is not fully matte but almost. The other two are very creamy and need re-touching every hour if you're eating or drinking. I got two and a half hours wear out of dare but that was with no eating or drinking.

Packaging is what you'd expect for the price. It reminds me a lot of the MUA lipsticks packaging so functional but nothing special.
With these lipsticks you are getting what you pay for, the colour range has a lot more different choices than the majority of drugstore brands and they're fun to try out without having to spend a lot
on it but for more everyday colours I would recommend Essences black tubed lipsticks for the staying power they offer.
I'm planning on going  back to nab some of their eyeshadow palettes and highlighters as they swatched really nicely so keep an eye out for those reviews on the blog soon.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you for such a honest review! Most of the blogs that I read never mentioned the downside, like it's drying, only a couple of hours wear time so this is such a refreshing read. I look forward to your reviews on all the other stuff from Makeup Revolution.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. Better to be honest than having people buying on a false recommendation and cursing me after lol For the fun colours they're really good but everyday shades I would recommend Essence or Rimmel :) And thank you!