Monday, 23 March 2015

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick

I'm back after over a month out trying to get settled into my new job, I think I'm getting there now-just about. I bought this for myself as a 'Good On You' present after landing my perfect job as I'd wanted one of these lipsticks for around two years- Just look at the prettiness of it!

I got the shade No.5 Fushsia in Excess as I figured I could make it as intense as I'd like for day or night and it's great for that. Dabbed on it gives a really pretty just bitten effect and layered it it a gorgeous hot pink with the most fabulous shine.
Dabbed on


The shine when layered lasts around two hours with limited eating or drinking, The more you layer and blot the longer it lasts. Four hours was the longest I got out of it.

When it wears away it does so evenly- no pink outline of your lip line with the beauty.

To be honest even if it wasn't a great formula I'd still be in love with it. The packaging is just so luxurious and perfect I smile every time I use it- the fact I associate with a positive time in my life helps a little too.

This is available in Brown Thomas - (they have way more colours in store than the seem to do online?) for the luxurious price of €33.00. I do think as a treat and for the packaging and quality is is worth it, I think I'll be treating myself again in a month or two.