Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Make Up Gallery Time to shine Nail Colour

This is a brand that is quite new and I haven't heard that much about them at all. I seen an article in the Daily Mail about them and then a video from Miss Budget Beauty and that was about it.
This is Dealz (Poundland in England) makeup brand- Make up Gallery- that they launched in early December and I picked up a few bits from it.

Deep Amethyst

This colour caught my eye as I didn't have such a deep purple in my collection. Weirdly enough though the colour does change on the nail to a deep red in certain lights.
The brush is a flat and wide shape and applies the colour smoothly. It also doesn't load the brush with so much product that you flood the whole nailbed. It dries down in about a minute which I find standard enough.

Third day of wear- very minor chipping and tip wear

Lasting power is a lot longer than I would of thought for such an inexpensive polish. I get 3 days of no chipping but slight tip wear on the second day. With a good top coat I think it could rival the more expensive brands out there.
I also noticed that even though I didn't wear a base coat with this it didn't stain my nails like a lot of darker colours do.

For two euro it's a great
polish but I did find the shade range quite limited, I'm hoping if the brand gets more recognition they will expand the line as I do really like the formula.

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  1. That shade is really lovely on you! I also like that it dries down quick which is a huge plus point for me these days.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity