Thursday, 8 January 2015

M.A.C's Violetta Lipstick

I seen this lipstick on an assistant in Boots and had to know what it was-usually I would never have the guts to ask but it looked so fantastic on her I had to have it. I was half hoping it would be something from Boots and not very expensive, but it was Violetta from MAC. This actually worked out well as the other half had gotten me a gift card for Brown Thomas so I went straight across to the BT2 store and that was that. 

This is absolutely perfect teamed with M.A.C's Magenta lipliner. I loved wearing the lip liner all through summer but found it quite drying by itself during the winter so I can get good wear out of both whatever the season now. In my opinion the blue under toned purple can look good in either summer or winter- even if it doesn't suit the season I'll wear it anyway if I like the colour.

It's an Amplified Finish and it's so creamy and easy to apply. Usually with dark colours I'll use a lipbrush but I find it so easy to apply I rarely use one, especially if I'm pairing it with the lipliner.
MAC Violetta with Magenta around the edges
I can get around 2 hours wear without reapplying with this and it wears away to leave a pinky purple stain on the lip that I love. 
When you apply it first it's quite sparkly but it's still very comfortable to wear as the shimmer isn't the least bit chunky or gritty. The first layer goes on quite sheer but it's easily built up to the colour in the bullet.

After my dissapointment with my first M.A.C lipstick, I'm very happy I gave them another go.
I do think that €19.50 is a little pricey, but as a treat or just for a fantastic shade it is worth it. I feel a little bit more special when I apply it during the day.
 No doubt I'll be adding to my collection as soon as I do a bit more research on the finishes of them.
Any shade or finish recommendations? Do you think MAC lipsticks are worth it?


  1. MAC lipsticks are definitely on the pricier side but they are usually gorgeous. That shade looks really lovely on you!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. They're perfect for a little treat, I just can't do as often as I'd like lol Thank you! I'm in love with the colour, I've worn it every day since I bought it