Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Battle of the Eyeliners-Essence vs Benefit

About two weeks ago I happened to see that ELLE magazine had a sample of the Benefits "They're Real Push Up Liner". Now while I would rarely spend over €6 for a magazine that's mostly adverts, I did want to try out the eyeliner as I knew I wouldn't be paying full price for one anytime soon.

I thought I would try it out against an Essence one as the differences in price are major, just to see what the outcome was.
The Essence one was €3.09 and a full size Benefit one is €25 so quite a difference.

The "Accuflex" tip on the Benefit eyeliner took me a few attempts to figure it out but once you do it's very simple to apply. The only problem I have with it is that it dries very quickly. With the sample size you have the squeeze it out instead of twisting the bottom like the full size one. I also found that when I would go over my line again it would start to gather together into little clumps and if I made a mistake with this I was screwed as it's so difficult to get off. It does hug the lashes really well though and doesn't leave an empty line.

The Essence one was very easy to apply,but that could be because I'm more used to it, but it also seemed to be more pigmented than the Benefit one.

Wear time was the same with no fading or cracking from either. The Essence one came off easily with eye makeup remover but the Benefit one was tougher. I used coconut and olive oil to dissolve it but still had a bit of panda eyes the next morning.

Benefits "They're Real Push Up Liner" - Essences "Stays No Matter What"

So, if you don't want to shell out €25 on an eyeliner I think the Essence one is just as good, if not better.Benefit's seems to be a real marmite product-you either love it or hate it- but I don't feel that strongly either way about it to be honest. I don't think I'll be buying a full size one though as it's so expensive. 
Have you tried the Benefit one? What did you think?
Are you just as happy with more affordable ones?


  1. I actually reviewed a Maybelline dupe of the Benefit liner a few months ago. It was around €8 and EXACTLY the same product. I think I'd stick with a gel pot and brush at the end of the day though. The Essence liner looks lovely and pigmented! :) xxxx

  2. Really? I'll be looking out for that one then :)

  3. Essence liner actually looks better than Benefit in the pictures. I do agree with you about Benefit liner, I have to be fast with it and once it's dried, it's impossible to go over the line again without flaking.

    Reflection of Sanity

  4. Yeah if you're not fast you're done for, and I am quite slow with eyeliner so it just wasn't meant to be unfortunately..

  5. I bought the magazine last week, purely just to try the liner - which I have yet to do! TBH I know that I will never buy the full-size as its a ridiculus amount of money for a liner, I have been using the Seventeen Gel one for €3.50 the last few weeks and love it. Great review though, just goes to show you that budget can be just as good! x

  6. €25 is crazy money for an eyeliner in my opinion. I love gel eyeliners so I'll be looking into Seventeens offering, I've yet to try anything from them! And thank you!x