Friday, 14 November 2014

A Christmas Party Look

So Christmas is fast approaching,bringing with it the parties and of course, the glittery looks. If Christmas isn't an excuse to go mad with the sparkle then I  don't know what is.
This is a similar look to one I wore for New Years last year and I really liked how it turned out so I thought I'd recreate again as I'll probably be doing it again this season.
Just to disclose- I am in no way a MUA, I just enjoy playing about with it and me blending skills are pretty much non-existent as you will soon see.

These are all the products I used to create this look so it doesn't take too many really.

I started by putting a strip of sellotape in the place I wanted the shadow to end. This leaves you with a very crisp line-especially if you don't leave a little gap like I've done! You can achieve the same effect by wiping it with a face wipe when your finished but the sellotape comes in handy in a little while too. Just make sure if you are using sellotape stick it on your hand a few times first to get rid of some of the stickiness as it can pull at the delicate skin around your eyes if you don't.
I then put an eyeshadow primer on and then a brown cream shadow in and above my crease to help blend the black a little later on.

I used a black gel eyeliner as I didn't have a black cream shadow on my eyelid and blended it into to brown a little. While this was still a little tacky a pressed a black slightly multi-coloured pigment on top.

To give it more dimension and sparkle I pressed a gold pigment on top with a damp brush-if you have MAC Fix Plus I think it would work great. 
I then removed the sellotape and was left with a crisp line and stuck it on the back of my hand to use again later.
I also brought the gold into my inner corner and under my eye and blended it with a tiny bit of black on the outer corner. 
I added a thin line of eyeliner - I didn't want to wing it out in case I ruined the shape as I'm a bit shaky with it still.
I cleaned up the edges near my brows with cotton buds dipped in makeup remover and blended again using a matte cream shade mixed with a tiny bit of highlighter.
Before I started on my base I used the bits of sellotape to pick up any bits of rogue glitter that had fallen down. I applied my foundation and contoured a little bit. I chose a pinky nude lip to go with my eyes as they are quite strong but a red would look nice too,I think. I then filled in my brows and that was me done.

Not the most blended eye look I've ever done but I'm putting bending blushes on my Chrismas wish-list so hopefully it will be rectified soon. I hope you can get the genera idea of it though and when the light hits it it's a lot more sparkly, just like the cropped photo above when I applied the gold pigment.
I hope you like it!
Are you all about the sparkle at Christmas? What's your go to look?


  1. Awesome party look. LOVE the sparkle, it makes me feel so festive. The black against the gold looks so nice :) xxxx

  2. I'm very partial to sparkle myself :) i tried to make a glitter lip but it was disastrous lol xxx

  3. Love this look, those shades are beautiful together!

  4. That is a perfect party makeup! Gosh, I wish I can still rock such eye makeup but my husband will remind me that I am a middle age mother with a 6 months old. LOL!

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. You still can! I bet it would look so good on you :)

  5. Beautiful, you did such a great job, your eyes are stunning x

  6. Love it! This is def perfect for Chritmas evening parties. Super like the eye makeup

  7. love love love this makeup look! The eyes are so beautiful! I really want to try this out now!

  8. Love your eyeshadow! xx