Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Top Ten Tag

Hey guys,
I was tagged about a fortnight ago by the lovely Nicholle over at Beauty, Lifestyle, Ramblings to do this tag and I'm finally getting around to it now. I like these kind of tags as you can easily see what products people use and love on a regular basis so you know that they really are good.
So lets get started..


My favourite foundation that I've found so far is the  No. 7 Instant Radiance Foundation. As you can see it's nearly finished but I'm going to ration it out until I can get a voucher, as it is around the €18 mark, which I think a little expensive.
I have dry skin and this just sits so beautifully on it and gives my face a lovely natural looking glow with the dewy finish that it has. It also matches my skin and undertone perfectly which I also love.
The lasting time is around eight hours before any sign of wear but if I powder it it will stay in place a day for me.


Concealer isn't something that I would reach for on a day to day basis actually. Any that I've found just doesn't sit the way I want it to on my dry skin and usually just emphasises it. If you have any recommendations for a good one please do let me know! The concealer that I do use is the NYX HD in Yellow but it's more for brightening my under eyes more than concealing my imperfections.

Myself and powders have never really got on in the past, any I tried all ended up looking cake-y and dry which was not what I wanted. Then i tried the Bourjois java powder and have been reaching for this every day. A lot of people may not like the fact that it's a little shimmery, but I love it as it illuminates my face in a lovely way. There will be a full review of this up in the future as I feel it deserves it's own post.


I have been using this every time I apply makeup since I got it way back when Wet 'n' Wild first launched here. I heard that Pearlescent Pink was a dupe for NARS Orgasm which I loved the look of so it was on the top of my list. And it's beautiful. It give such a nice flush of colour that doesn't fade on me throughout the day and the pigmentation of this is amazing. You barely touch it with your brush and your enough for both cheeks.I've had this for about seven months and I've barely made a dent on the design so this will last you for absolute ages and it's only €3.99!

Bronzer and Highlighter
I stuck these two together as they're in the same palette. For for contouring I use the contour side of the sleek contour palette as I love how it doesn't look orange or muddy on my fair skin. It's lovely and pigmented as is the highlighter. the highter is a beautiful champagne tone with really fine shimmer. It catches the light really nicely and it also suits my fair skin tone. Review here.

 Catrice The GIANT Extreme Volume mascara. My favourite mascara and now unfortunately discontinued. I have a few mascaras that I do really like but they just don't make my lashes as amazing as this one does.
I have a full review on it Here if you want to know more about it.

This was quite a hard one as I do mix and match different brands together but if I'm going away for the weekend or anything I always take the MUA Smokin Palette with me so this is a definite favourite.
 You can create day and night time looks with the colours and the pigmentation is excellent. I have a full review if you'd like to see swatches Here.

Soap and Glory Archery. It's been on my face everyday since I bought it. It's so easy to use and the colour range is quite goos as well. there's a full review here.

Lip Products
The Essence Longlasting Lipsticks (black tubes). These are amazing. They were in my first few reviews on here (here) and I still wear them a few times every week. I have a stockpile of the colours I love in case i lose them or use one up as I'd hate to be without them.

So there you have it. Those are the products that i love to use and don't know if I could do without.
I tag : sparkleblossombeauty
Ah Sure Tis lovely
Passions and Preening
Blather and Beauty

and anyone else who'd like to do it!
What are your holy grail products and have you any conncealer reccommendations for dry skin? I'd love to know..


  1. Thanks for the tag huni,I have never tried that foundation, it looks great x

    1. It's really lovely to use, as is any No 7 foundations ive tried actually :) can't wait to see yours! X

  2. For concealer, I've just gotten the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind with the sponge applicator, it's so good for concealing and it doesn't dry my under eye skin. It's a bit pricey at just under €12 but I'm glad I got it. I have the Wet n Wild blush Mellow Wine and it's unreal, so pigmented and soft :) Great post! xxxx

  3. That's the one with the sponge on it isn't it?I'll give it a go next time I see it, thank you! I was looking at mellow wine the last day, its so pretty and perfect now that it's colder :) xx

  4. Need to take photos over the weekend so will have mine up early next week! Thanks for the tag :) xx

  5. You're welcome! Excited to see what you pick :)x