Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Catrice Longlasting Lipliners

In the past, I never used lip liners at all. I never seen the point of them and didn't want to waste my money on things I'd never use.
That changed when a Catrice stand came to my local chemist and I was trying out things I'd never tried as I was able to afford them because of the inexpensiveness of all the products. 
I ended up picking up a lip liner and I've been using them ever since.

I have four of the shades at the minute and two of them are repurchases.

The one I picked up most recently is Hey Macadamia Ahey! as I thought it might be an easy way to try out the 90's lip that seems to be everywhere these days. I don't think this suits me at all though. It's just very..brown. It could be perfect for someone else though, just not me. It was on sale though for €0.99 so I can't complain about the price. It is however the driest formula out of the ones I have, so just be aware of that. It does tug slightly and it's quite hard to get a crisp finish with it.
 Hey Macadamia Ahey!

The second one I Got You Babe! It's the first one I ever picked up and I've very recently repurchased. . It's a nice pinky nude that would suit almost everybody and goes well with any nude lipstick I own.
I Got You Babe!

The third one is probably my favourite out of the bunch
It's That's What Rose Wood Do! I've been using it mostly with MAC's Creme Cup as I don't like wearing the lipstick by itself, but by pairing it with this lip liner I'm able to get a lot more wear out of it. But I also love wearing it by itself with just a little balm over the top as it's such a pretty peachy nude. It's the creamiest one and I love this one the most-I'm on my third. It's also the easiest one to apply.
This one is very close to my natural lip shade so I can pair it with any lipstick really
That's What Rose Wood Do!

The Last shade is Berryson Ford. This is a gorgeous red that has a blue undertone to it so it matches the majority of my red lipsticks-I love how they make my teeth look whiter. It's not the creamiest of them but it's nowhere near as dry as Hey Macadamia Ahey!, it's somewhere in the middle of them if that makes sense? It does last around 7 hours-as do all of them- even through eating(as long as it'd not too greasy) and drinking so I think They are well worth the €2.30 and they can be found in Penney's and the majority of chemists.
Berryson Ford

Catrice say on their website that they are "The ideal preparation for fashion lips: the Long lasting Lip Pencil sets colour limits and prevents lipstick as well as gloss from streaking. Its waterproof texture guarantees ultra long lasting contours. And the creamy tip softly glides over your lips to ensure an accurate application."
And I would agree with this-apart from Hey Macademia Ahey! being quite dry, the rest are all creamy. They do help my lipstick last longer and they don't fade during the day.
L-R Hey Macadamia Ahey!, I Got You Babe!, That's What Rose Wood Do! and Berryson Ford.
If you were to try any of these I would recommend That's what Rose Wood Do! as it's beautifully creamy and ridiculously easy to apply.

Do you wear lip liner? Do you use it with nudes and darker colours?


  1. Catrice continues to surprise me with their quality, so many reviews raving about them. We have to do a makeup swap hun! Please send me an email if your are interested?

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. You'll be getting an email tommorrow! Ah so excited!:) And yes, Catrice have so many amazing products. They're one of my favourite brands :) x