Monday, 1 September 2014

Facacia Anti-Bacterial Skincare The Thorough Review

So around a month ago I did a post on a new skincare launch that I was lucky enough to receive for free. That post, and this one, is not sponsored though. They were and are my real thoughts on the products but this will be a more in depth review on them.

The Face Wash
I am by no means a skincare expert but I was already a bit dubious as I knew foaming washes are known for drying out skin. I have dry skin as it is so I really didn't know how it was going to go. I used it for a week and for the first few days it was fine but around the fifth day my skin was starting to get very dry and tight. I stuck with it for a week though but my skin wasn't happy by the end of it. 
I like to use this maybe one day a week whenever I've had a long day at work and my skin feels horrible. I work in a boiling hot kitchen so a red face and sweating (ew I know) happen a lot. This makes my face feel really clean but I can't use it to regularly or my face would be akin to the Sahara. And I don't fancy that.
If you had acne prone skin this could help as it does contain salicylic acid but I've thankfully never experienced acne so I'm not to sure.Leave a comment if you think it would help though! This retails for £19 for 100ml and it is lasting me absolutely ages.
The Serum
I'm really enjoying using this. For a serum I find it a bit thicker in consistency than others I've used but it moisturises so well and sinks in very fast. One pump does my whole face and a good bit down my neck. I've used this every morning since I got it and there are still over two thirds left. It doesn't leave my face looking shiny after a few minutes because it sinks in so fast so I can run out the door straightaway. 
. It works lovely under make up to give me a smooth base so I use it as a primer quite often as well. 
 This is £23 for 30ml which I think is a little expensive but it works so I would pay again when I run out.


  1. Great review! I have dry skin too and I am very careful with my face wash, will give this a skip if I see it.

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  2. Thank you! Yeah some can be very stripping on the face, this wasn't the worst I'd tried but my skin just didn't get on with it after a few days of continuous use..the serum is lovely though :)