Thursday, 11 September 2014

Dream Dots* Review

I was sent these over a month ago for review purposes and I have been putting it through it's paces. They are an Irish brand that are also vegan and cruelty free.

I used it first on a few little pimples and they did exactly what they claimed to do. The spots were gone overnight and left no proof that they had ever been on my face.
I was delighted.
Then I got a monster of a spot right between my upper lip and nose for all the world to see. This was one that was actually painful if you touched it at all so I was depending on the dream dots to work it's magic.The first night I put it on an hour before bed to give it a little extra time to work and hoped for the best.
The next morning I peeled it off and the spot was still there. Not as big or painful but still noticeable. I used the dots for the next two nights in a row and by the third morning it had disappeared.
On the Sam Mc Cauley website it does say to use over 3 days so they do work within that time limit.
I've used all but four of the dots that I received and I did notice that some of them were a little stickier than others. They weren't painful to remove but it took a little bit of fiddling with them. I used these on the right side of my face as that is the side I sleep on and they were all intact in the morning so in that case it is a plus.
They are simple to use, just cleanse your skin,peel a dot of the backing and apply to your spot.It changes overnight from clear to a white milky colour to let you know it's ready to be taken of in the morning.
Apologies for having no pictures but I think your better off not seeing my spots.
These retail for €14.99 for 24 dots with free delivery from Sam Mc Cauley but Lloyds Pharmacy Has them for €9.99 at the minute. If You have anything special coming up or just hate having pesky spots I would recommend them. They work within their claims and heal spots completely, even huge painful ones.
Have you or are you thinking of trying these?Let me know below..
*I was sent this product for review but this has not affected my opinion on the product

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