Friday, 26 September 2014

Autumn Clothes Haul!

I don't go clothes shopping that often as I went through a spell a few years ago of buying absolutely everything, so i do have enough clothes to last me a few years. I was in Penny's in Derry a few weeks ago and did pick up a few things though so I thought I'd share them with you.

I picked up these stud earrings as I'm having a bit of a moment with small earrings. In the past I loved the big dangly ones but studs are just so handy for work and everyday. So I bought three different designs.

I love buying cosy jumpers as it gets colder so I picked up these two in this simple design to just throw on whenever it did get a little chillier.
I got them in a size 16 as I like my jumpers to be a little loose but I was swamped by them. My mum measured them and it turns out they're really a size 22, not 16 like the tag said so I think next time I go shopping I'll actually try things on before I pay for them..
These were around the £10 mark.

I fell in love with this scarf as soon as I saw it and then fell in love a little bit more when I felt it. It's so soft and perfectly cosy and I love the colours of it.
This was £3.

Hat's do not suit me much but when it starts to get very cold I don't really mind that. I'd rather be nice and warm than looking ok and freezing.I like the colour as back and white go with nearly everything and it's just handy to pull on.I've never mastered those floppy hats that sit halfway back on your head.

Socks..not very exciting but a necessity. I was actually looking for the thick fluffy socks that Penney's do but they didn't have any that I could see.these were £3 for seven pairs.
'Ugg' boots as I love to wear these around the house when it starts to get chiller as they're so cosy and if I need to run outside quick I can carry on easily.these were £7

I picked this up in Asda as it was on offer for £4 and I love anything by Karin Slaughter.
This book follows Faith Mitchell after her mother disappears and Will Trent and Sara Lipton help her figure out what happened. Terrible description but I don't want to give too much away, but I'm about halfway through and I'm really enjoying it.

I got this purely because it reminded me of Calamity Jane which is one of my favourite films so I thought I'd try it to see what it was like.
It's rotten. I nearly spat it out it was that bad . It has a strange taste of liquorice which I usually like but it was just not for me at all.

 So there you have it. I might do another Autumn and Winter shop once I get settled in down in Dublin as I already have my eye on a gorgeous jacket in Penny's that I know I need to have.

Is there anything you always buy as soon as it starts to get cold? 


  1. I love those jumpers, they look so cosy! I love wearing Penneys uggs around the house when it gets cold! As for Calamity Jane, also love haha x

    1. I love them too, I might go back and get ones that actually fit properly as these two are almost down to my knees! They do come in handy for when I wear leggings though :) I can say their lines along with the cast in Calamity Jane I've watched it so often lol x

  2. Aww, the jumpers looks really cosy and love the colours that you got that in. That reminds me to do my own clothes shopping. Coming from a tropical country, none of my clothes are suitable for this season.

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yey for shopping! It'll be a whole new wardrobe for you maybe? Hope your settling in well!x

  3. I love the look of those jumpers! I might keep an eye out for one or two, but I find Penneys sizes so odd. I am anything from a 16 to a 20 in their stuff, my t-shirt today is a 16 but I've a size 20 one that won't go over my shoulders! Bizarre. Good to know the jumpers have a bit of stretch in them! I love Puggs (Penneys uggs haha) in Autumn/Winter, need another pair :)

  4. Penny's sizing is so strange! I have jeans from size 12 to 18 that all fit and they're the same cut too lol the jumpers are really nice and cosy, I need to pick up one that doesn't swamp me :) "Puggs" love it!