Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Rimmel Wonder'full mascara review

So, in case you  haven't noticed..I like buying mascara's.
I'm always suckered in by all the amazing claims they have and even though I have three mascara's I adore and repurchase anyway, I always buy new ones.
I think I have a problem..
Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara 
Anyway. This is my latest mascara purchase and you can see why I couldn't leave it behind me. The shiny packaging (I'm a total magpie) and the fact it has Argan Oil. 
I love using Argan Oil on my hair so I figured it would be a great way to condition my lashes as well as make them look pretty.
I've had this for about a week so I haven't noticed much difference in the condition of my lashes yet but if I do I'll either update it here or on my Twitter Page
Its a very nice mascara though probably my favourite from Rimmel so far.
It doesn't do much in the way of volume in my opinion but its great at lengthening. It's very black and the wand is a comb that doesn't leave me with any clumps.
I haven't noticed any flaking either like i have done with other Rimmel mascara's so I was chuffed about that.
It separates and fans out the lashes which I am a big fan of.
naked lashes
With one coat of mascara
I think this will be a lovely daytime mascara for me to use and I'm hoping that the Argan Oil does something magical to my lashes!
This is on an introductory offer of €6.99 but usual price will then be €9.99. Not bad for a good mascara..
Have you tried this mascara? Do you think the Argan Oil actually does anything?Let me know in the comments..


  1. This looks like a great day time mascara. I am a mascara addict too and currently have close to 10 mascara in rotation. I'm terrible, I know.

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. I've about the same and I cant stop buying more! It's not our fault though..they all promise such amazing results we can't help but buy them right? That's my excuse anyway lol

  3. Looks great!

    You know tbh, all mascars are the same. I havent bought a mascara in years because I literally just go grab the sample ones from Sephora lol. But seriously all you need to do to get amazing lashes is make sure you wipe all mascara off, so its not in excess products and apply. Than repeat that step like 10 times. Ahah. Just a lot of coats and patients. Love your blog and great post!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from Elle Charie.

    Check out my back 2 school makeup tutorial!

  4. Elle you have possible just saved me a fortune! Lol the back to school makeup is natural and and fresh looking I love it! And thank you! That just made my day!:) x