Thursday, 21 August 2014

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil- French Fries

So NYX has come to Ireland recently and I'm slowly trying out their products. I'm actually being quite restrained for once! I'm starting by trying out all the most hyped products and they are living up to the hype so far.

So pretty much anyone who has the internet has heard of the Jumbo Pencils at some stage or another so of course it was on my very long list of things to try out.
I know most people would go for the shade 'Milk' and I was planning to but then this little guy caught my eye. It's the shade called @French Fries'
I love goldy brown tones as i find the make my blue eyes stand out a bit more so I ended up opting for this one. No doubt I'll be returning for Milk in the near future though.
This a beautifully creamy pencil that is lovely and pigmented.

The colour of the pencil is the colour you will have on your eyes.I was a bit disappointed with this at first because i thought that they set. (they don't for me)
I put it on and blended it out and a few minutes later it had all gathered in my crease. I just set it with eyeshadow now and it really ups the vibrancy of the shadows I put on top.I haven't tried this with a primer because i haven't felt the need to. While set with eyeshadow it makes everything last all day.
It's easily removed with miceller water or eye makeup remover.
I like to use my Wet 'n' Wild comfort palette (Review Here) over this and I love how it turns out.
 They retail for €5.99 here in Ireland which is a great price for a fabulous product.
Also, these have to be sharpened with the big sharpener that you can get in most places. They don't twist up, which I found out after spending ten minutes trying to twist them up. Sometimes I can be a little bit of an idiot..
Have you tried these?What did you think? And what shades should I pick up on my next shopping spree?
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  1. Great review and I love NYX! The products are amazing quality for low price. You should try the lip butter gloss and matte lip cream too. Brilliant stuff!

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. I've picked up peaches amd cream on your recommendation and I love it! So thank you! Matte lip creams are next on my very long list :)

  2. Next have started stocking it online,think I shall be making a few purchases! Love that Brown colour,definitely on my list x

  3. Ooh have they?they have so many nice things and i'll slowly getting around to trying it all :) this and the butter glosses are my favourite so far and they have so many gorgeous colours in the jumbo pencils that i think I need them all! However my bank balance disagrees lol let me know what you think if you try them out?

  4. Dying to try a these out! Nowhere near me stocks NYX yet though :( Love the shade you picked! :) xxxx

  5. I was so happy when I seen them! it's a very small chemist in pretty much the middle of nowhere that stocks them near enough to me as well strangely enough lol hope you get them soon! Thank you! they have a gorgeous cranberry shade that I'll be picking up for Autumn soon, Its so pretty!xx