Friday, 29 August 2014

Essence lashes Go Wild mascara

I've already said I have a thing about mascara's..I have more than I could use and yet I keep buying them..
This one was ok though as it was Essence which is already cheap as chips and then it was half price! So, really, I'd be silly not to get it.

A few years ago I was all abut the lengthening mascaras. I wanted my eyelashes to touch my eyebrows as I wore glasses and I was under the assumption no-one could see my eyelashes (I know) but I've started really liking volumising mascaras as I wear contacts more often now and I like looking like I've fake eyelashes on all day,err day. 
This is another new favourite mascara for me. It curls gives length and it definitely volumenisis. And it doesn't clump. However, if you're not a fan of drier formulas this may not be for you. I myself love them so I was chuffed.It's very black as well so they weren't skimpling on the pigment. I haven't noticed any flaking with it either.
The packaging is lovely.It's shiny and it's in a squeezy tube which a few new mascara's are doing these days.
it has a great little stopper on the inside so you don't end up with the blob on the end of your mascara wand.
this mascara wand is another of those strange ones.

It's a very bumpy wand but it works amazingly. It catches all my lashes so easily and I think it helps to curl them. I could be wrong though.
bare lashes 
one coat of lashes go wild 

This mascara was around the €3.00 mark but i got it for half price. If you see it anywhere try it out as it is a lovely mascara.
Have you tried this mascara? What did you think? 


  1. That looks amazing! I've gotta say, I'm still all about the lashes that touch the brows haha. I love Essence mascaras but I find they run under my eyes something terrible! x

  2. I still love my eyelashes touching my eyebrows when I wear my glasses lol aw that sucks :/ x

  3. Oh wow, that mascara looks amazing on your lashes. Will have to check this out!

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  4. Can't remember seeing this one in Wilko's but I guess it was there. I shall look next time I am there as it looks good!

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. This had a 'new' sticker on it but it was half price so either it's really new or they're phasing it out lol thanks for reading!