Friday, 22 August 2014

Catrice Colour Correcting Primer

So the last day I ran into the chemist to get shower gel. Just shower gel. I came out with this and a NYX jumbo pencil and forgot all about the shower gel. Does this happen to anyone else?
Anyway this caught my eye because 1: It's green and 2: it's a recent launch of Catrice's and I LOVE Catrice. When I seen it I started justifying buying it with things like "It'll stop my face going tomato red in the kitchen" and "it could be a dupe for something". I really should stop..
 I got it home and was pleased to see it had a little security sticker on it. I like when products have these, at least you know no-one else has been tampering with it.
It comes out a minty green and it doesn't change into a skin tone shade like say, the L'Oreal one, so you do have to work it in very well so there is no green tinge to your skin.

 It also has glitter in it,not the shimmery glowy kind but quite noticeable sparkle.

 If I had known this I'm not sure if I would have picked it up. When you layer a little foundation over it it's not as noticeable though thankfully. You can wear this with or without foundation.
With foundation over it.
It does help a lot with anti-redness though. I've been wearing this at work for the last three days and when I look in the shiny silver toaster (my equivalent of a mirror at work) I'm actually quite normal looking. So in my opinion it really does work. On a normal everyday basis I'd say it would work even better as it wouldn't be as hot and humid as it would be in a kitchen.I wore foundation with it one day to work and usually after and hour it would have dissapeared but this prolonged it for around the five hour mark so as a primer itself it does work very well.
It also claims to even out skin tone and reduce fine lines and pores. It did even out my skin tone nicely but I didn't see any noticeable difference on my pores.
I have dry skin and it didn't exaggerate any of my dry patches at all but it didn't feel that moisturising either.
I really like the packaging. Because of the colour I can easily spot it in my jam packed makeup bag and the squeezey tube means you have control over the amount that comes out.
For €4.99 I'll definitely be picking it up again regardless of the sparkle.
You can find Catrice at the majority of chemists nationwide.
Have you or would you try this?And if you have what did you think?


  1. I wish Catrice is available here, it seems like a really good budget brand.

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. It's a lovely brand I think it's only available on european countries so far? I could be wrong though? Its definitely my most bought brand it's so inexpensive for the quality :)x

  3. When I was at school I used to steal my mother's No.7 Rosy Tone Colour Control all the time - this sounds really similar! I hate the L'oreal one, it always goes a really dark shade on me no matter how I put it on. Love Catrice!

    1. I was an oompa loompa when I tried the loreal one. It's so dark and orange :/ I was always stealing my mums lipsticks..even the brown ones lol I adore Catrice all their new launches are so good!