Sunday, 31 August 2014

Catrice Eyeshadow Quads

I love my budget brands. Catrice is definitely up there in my favourite brands anyway so I thought I'd share these eyeshadow quads which I've been loving lately.
First up is the quad in 040 'Never Let Me Go' and it's a lovely quad of natural colours with a beautiful rose gold in it as well.

The colours all have a slight shimmer to them and they work together so well. They blend beautifully into each other as well as other shadows and the pigment is amazing.
I love using the rose gold shade on my entire eyelid by itself just to brighten up my eyes a bit when I can't be bothered to do a full eye look. It catches the light beautifully and I feel like I've made more of an effort.

Swatched top- Left to Right and then Bottom- Left to Right

The second palette was part of one of their seasonal collections about a year ago but I've seen it in some chemists in the 'half off' box quite a few times.
I got it as part of a gift set for Christmas and while I wouldn't have bought it myself I'm quite happy I possess it.

There are three shimmer shades and one matte in the palette and like the other one they are all buttery soft, pigmented and they blend beautifully. The matte light green one is the one least lacking in pigment and is a little more powdery than the rest. I don't use that colour too often but just be aware of it.
Swatched top- Left to Right and then Bottom- Left to Right

There are four combinations to choose from and I have my eye on the F'rosen Yoghurt. It has beautiful pinks and a gorgeous plum colour that will be perfect for Autumn. This one here..
These retail for €3.99 and are available in Penney's and selected pharmacies

Friday, 29 August 2014

Essence lashes Go Wild mascara

I've already said I have a thing about mascara's..I have more than I could use and yet I keep buying them..
This one was ok though as it was Essence which is already cheap as chips and then it was half price! So, really, I'd be silly not to get it.

A few years ago I was all abut the lengthening mascaras. I wanted my eyelashes to touch my eyebrows as I wore glasses and I was under the assumption no-one could see my eyelashes (I know) but I've started really liking volumising mascaras as I wear contacts more often now and I like looking like I've fake eyelashes on all day,err day. 
This is another new favourite mascara for me. It curls gives length and it definitely volumenisis. And it doesn't clump. However, if you're not a fan of drier formulas this may not be for you. I myself love them so I was chuffed.It's very black as well so they weren't skimpling on the pigment. I haven't noticed any flaking with it either.
The packaging is lovely.It's shiny and it's in a squeezy tube which a few new mascara's are doing these days.
it has a great little stopper on the inside so you don't end up with the blob on the end of your mascara wand.
this mascara wand is another of those strange ones.

It's a very bumpy wand but it works amazingly. It catches all my lashes so easily and I think it helps to curl them. I could be wrong though.
bare lashes 
one coat of lashes go wild 

This mascara was around the €3.00 mark but i got it for half price. If you see it anywhere try it out as it is a lovely mascara.
Have you tried this mascara? What did you think? 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Essence All about Nude Eyeshadow Palette

It's good to be back. I've been off the radar now for about a week due to work and migraines, and silly me didn't have many posts written in just in case something like that would happen.
I did however manage to pick up this eyeshadow palette from Essence one day as I was walking to work and I've been playing about with it whenever I get a few spare minutes.

I picked it up as I fell in love with the aubergine shade and I didn't have any nude shadows with a pink tone to them. (justification )
The palette is made up of six shades,all quite neutral colours and it has five shimmer shades and one matte.

 The lighter shimmer colours have very little pigment in them. On my eyes is just looks a bit shimmery but with no real colour to it. 
The matte colour is actually very nice though. Usually the matte colours are harder to get right but essence managed it. It swatched true to colour and shows up nicely on my very pale skin. 
The darker colours are the best out of the palette. they are nicely pigmented and blend nicely. There is slight fallout with them but I find that with most 'drugstore' shadows. With a little primer underneath they last around seven hours before beginning to fade.
The packaging is nice and sturdy. It clicks shut so perfect for throwing in your bag.
This is not one of the best offerings from Essence. I think if you want to try the palettes go for the sunrise one as its swatches were much more pigmented.
I'm only really using half the palette as the lighter colours don't show up but for €3.99 it's not bad.
I'm picking up the sunrise one the next time i get a chance as it's a golden based palette that looks gorgeous.

Have you tried this palette or the sunrise one? What did you think?

Friday, 22 August 2014

Catrice Colour Correcting Primer

So the last day I ran into the chemist to get shower gel. Just shower gel. I came out with this and a NYX jumbo pencil and forgot all about the shower gel. Does this happen to anyone else?
Anyway this caught my eye because 1: It's green and 2: it's a recent launch of Catrice's and I LOVE Catrice. When I seen it I started justifying buying it with things like "It'll stop my face going tomato red in the kitchen" and "it could be a dupe for something". I really should stop..
 I got it home and was pleased to see it had a little security sticker on it. I like when products have these, at least you know no-one else has been tampering with it.
It comes out a minty green and it doesn't change into a skin tone shade like say, the L'Oreal one, so you do have to work it in very well so there is no green tinge to your skin.

 It also has glitter in it,not the shimmery glowy kind but quite noticeable sparkle.

 If I had known this I'm not sure if I would have picked it up. When you layer a little foundation over it it's not as noticeable though thankfully. You can wear this with or without foundation.
With foundation over it.
It does help a lot with anti-redness though. I've been wearing this at work for the last three days and when I look in the shiny silver toaster (my equivalent of a mirror at work) I'm actually quite normal looking. So in my opinion it really does work. On a normal everyday basis I'd say it would work even better as it wouldn't be as hot and humid as it would be in a kitchen.I wore foundation with it one day to work and usually after and hour it would have dissapeared but this prolonged it for around the five hour mark so as a primer itself it does work very well.
It also claims to even out skin tone and reduce fine lines and pores. It did even out my skin tone nicely but I didn't see any noticeable difference on my pores.
I have dry skin and it didn't exaggerate any of my dry patches at all but it didn't feel that moisturising either.
I really like the packaging. Because of the colour I can easily spot it in my jam packed makeup bag and the squeezey tube means you have control over the amount that comes out.
For €4.99 I'll definitely be picking it up again regardless of the sparkle.
You can find Catrice at the majority of chemists nationwide.
Have you or would you try this?And if you have what did you think?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil- French Fries

So NYX has come to Ireland recently and I'm slowly trying out their products. I'm actually being quite restrained for once! I'm starting by trying out all the most hyped products and they are living up to the hype so far.

So pretty much anyone who has the internet has heard of the Jumbo Pencils at some stage or another so of course it was on my very long list of things to try out.
I know most people would go for the shade 'Milk' and I was planning to but then this little guy caught my eye. It's the shade called @French Fries'
I love goldy brown tones as i find the make my blue eyes stand out a bit more so I ended up opting for this one. No doubt I'll be returning for Milk in the near future though.
This a beautifully creamy pencil that is lovely and pigmented.

The colour of the pencil is the colour you will have on your eyes.I was a bit disappointed with this at first because i thought that they set. (they don't for me)
I put it on and blended it out and a few minutes later it had all gathered in my crease. I just set it with eyeshadow now and it really ups the vibrancy of the shadows I put on top.I haven't tried this with a primer because i haven't felt the need to. While set with eyeshadow it makes everything last all day.
It's easily removed with miceller water or eye makeup remover.
I like to use my Wet 'n' Wild comfort palette (Review Here) over this and I love how it turns out.
 They retail for €5.99 here in Ireland which is a great price for a fabulous product.
Also, these have to be sharpened with the big sharpener that you can get in most places. They don't twist up, which I found out after spending ten minutes trying to twist them up. Sometimes I can be a little bit of an idiot..
Have you tried these?What did you think? And what shades should I pick up on my next shopping spree?
Comment below..

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Rimmel Wonder'full mascara review

So, in case you  haven't noticed..I like buying mascara's.
I'm always suckered in by all the amazing claims they have and even though I have three mascara's I adore and repurchase anyway, I always buy new ones.
I think I have a problem..
Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara 
Anyway. This is my latest mascara purchase and you can see why I couldn't leave it behind me. The shiny packaging (I'm a total magpie) and the fact it has Argan Oil. 
I love using Argan Oil on my hair so I figured it would be a great way to condition my lashes as well as make them look pretty.
I've had this for about a week so I haven't noticed much difference in the condition of my lashes yet but if I do I'll either update it here or on my Twitter Page
Its a very nice mascara though probably my favourite from Rimmel so far.
It doesn't do much in the way of volume in my opinion but its great at lengthening. It's very black and the wand is a comb that doesn't leave me with any clumps.
I haven't noticed any flaking either like i have done with other Rimmel mascara's so I was chuffed about that.
It separates and fans out the lashes which I am a big fan of.
naked lashes
With one coat of mascara
I think this will be a lovely daytime mascara for me to use and I'm hoping that the Argan Oil does something magical to my lashes!
This is on an introductory offer of €6.99 but usual price will then be €9.99. Not bad for a good mascara..
Have you tried this mascara? Do you think the Argan Oil actually does anything?Let me know in the comments..

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet- Ping Pong

So I'm having a bit of a thing with bright lips at the minute. I don't know what I'll do with Autumn approaching and bringing dark lips with it.
I first seen the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets on Vivianna does Makeup and thought 'ooh'. I then seen them on Karen from LovelyGirlieBits and knew I had to have them.

It was Ping Pong that caught my eye, and apparently everyone else's too.
It was always sold whenever I went on the look for it and after a few months I gave up.
Of course when I stopped looking for it I found it and it was happily mine.
And I love it.

Its a beautiful bright pink that compliments my pale Irish skin and it just pops. I live in the back end of nowhere and I get funny looks from people when I wear this to go get milk-anyone else have this problem?
I wear it anyway because I love it and it makes me happy.
This is a long lasting lip colour that doesn't wear away leaving only the outline which is one of the reasons I love it. You can vary the intensity of these as well which I really like. If you didn't want a statement lip you could just apply one coat and you get a lovely flush of colour.
You can build it up as well which is what i would usually do.
They apply wonderfully with the dough foot applicator and start off by having a lovely sheen to them. They dry down to a very comfortable matte finish that lasts for hours.
 There are eight shades to choose from ranging from everyday nudes to showstopping brights.
Your pretty much spoilt for choice really.
They retail at €12.49 but I've seen them for around €11 euro in superdrug for some strange reason.
I'll be picking up more shades as soon as my bank balance allows for it!
Have you tried these? What did you think and have you any shade recommendations for me?
Comment below..

Friday, 15 August 2014

Soap and Glory Archery

So like with Barry M this is my first time trying anything from Soap and Glory.
I know most people would start with all their bath paraphernalia but I went straight to the makeup section.
This little guy drew me in as soon as I saw it and five minutes later he was mine.

I had seen a few reviews on but not as many as I'd seen for their other products so that also made me want to try it. And guys, it's love.
The pen is such a great idea for a brow product.I know other brands do them but I would consider them 'high end' and unfortunately I haven't won the lotto yet. It's so easy to use and it looks natural which I love.
I'm not sure just how long it will last before or if it dries out but I'm storing it pen side down just in case.
It looks like just like natural hairs when you apply it using little strokes and the colour of it is lovely- not to reddy or brown. It's perfect to fit in with my blonde hair.

The pencil end is nice as well. It's quite waxy but I find that this is better for me personally as I won't go overboard and have a very hard outline which can sometimes happen with other brow products I use.
the end result us a nice defined brow that doesn't look drawn in.

Pen on top half pencil on bottom half. You can see just how fine the pen goes.

Staying power has to be noted as well. I work in a very hot kitchen for between eight and 10 hours and this little beauty stays put the whole time. I'm pretty sure it's magic.
 It's now my holy grail brow product and I don't think I could be without it.
I picked this up in Boots for €13.00. A little on the pricey side for me but well worth it

Have you tried this product? Have you any recommendations for me to try next from the brand?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Polishes

Hi guys!
So this was my first foray into Barry M.I knew my first picks were going to have to be the Gelly Hi-Shine polishes as everyone and their mother raves about them.
Sugar Apple and Blueberry 
And I can see why.
I got the shades 'Blueberry' and 'Sugar Apple'.
Blueberry is a lovely cornflower powdery blue and Sugar Apple is a lovely mint green that looks lovely with a tan.
Usually to get this kind of shine on my nails I use a Gel look Top Coat by Essence which is really very good, but I didn't need it with these.
The first time I applied them I was a little apprehensive as the first coat didn't apply as smoothly as I was expecting.It was quite streaky and I didn't know how they were going to turn out.
The second coat worked it's magic though and i was left with lovely,shiny streak-free nails that I love.
I've already about six more shades on my wish list.
The brush on these polishes are quite small compared to other nail polishes in my collection but they are still very easy to work with.

They are not the quickest at drying, but that's my only gripe with them. A few minutes under cold running water and I'm ready to go.
Sugar Apple is a little bit harder to get an even and opaque coverage on but I find that's usually the case with pastels anyway.
I love the square shape of the bottle , it's perfect for storing a lot of them together(which I no doubt will soon have) and the colours are easy to make out just by looking down on them. It's the little things.
I got these in Boots last week at 'buy one get one half price' so that makes them even nicer!
They retail in Ireland for €5.99 and they are well worth it. I only wish I picked up a few more!

Have you tried these nail polishes?Have you any shade recommendations for me to add to my list?

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde mascara

Hi guys.
So I bought this recently in Boots on an unusually restrained trip and I'm really liking it.

The wand is another of those strange ones that are all over the place recently.
Hopefully you can make out the tiny little balls that are in the wand. I'm not quite sure what they're there for but the wand is lovely to use.
It's quite a wet mascara which I don't mind.I'll probably like it even more when it dries out a little bit as that's just my preference.
It's beautifully black and it gives the volume it claims to. It also gives a nice amount of length.
The packaging for this is so nice as well. I'm a complete magpie when it comes to shiny things.
The little stopper on the inside of the tube works very well as I don't have to scrape of a ton of product before I can put it on my lashes like I have to with other mascaras I've tried.

Bare lashes
With one coat of mascara.
This retails for €12.99 and it's well worth it.
I'm beginning to think this could replace my beloved Catrice  mascara when it runs out i like it that much!
Have you tried this mascara/ What did you think?

Friday, 8 August 2014

Mini Bourjois Haul

Hi guys!
For the first time in a long time I actually managed to restrain myself while in boots.
This is a big thing for me. Seriously.
I got three things, all from Bourjois as it had a 3 for 2 offer on and you got a free pair of sunglasses along with it.

I've actually had these bits on my wishlist for ages so I'm delighted with myself.
First up is the Rouge Edition Velvet in the shade Ping Pong.
I'm a sucker for bright lips at the minute and already obsessed with this shade.I think I was obsessed with it before I even bought it.

This mascara has been all over the blog world so I knew I had to try it out myself to see if it really did live up to the hype. Full review will be up in a few days but so far so good.

The Java powder has been on my wishlist for nearly a year now but I use powder so little I kept forgetting about it.
It's not a traditional mattifying powder which I love as I prefer a dewy finish. It's illuminating and I've only used it twice now but i think it's love.

I might not of bought much but I have a wishlist as long as my arm now that I'm itching to buy.
I might need to avoid Boots on payday. It never ends well.

What do you think of my purchases? Anything you like? And are you able to restrain yourself when you're in Boots?

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Facacia Skincare Review - Initial Thoughts

I'm excited today as I have some lovely news for you lovely people!
There has been a launch very recently (August 2nd) of a brand new skincare brand and I have it here for an initial review today.

Introducing Facacia Skincare.*
They have an antibacterial face wash (£19 for 100ml) and an antibacterial serum (£23 for 30ml)in this line and so far they are turning out to be lovely.
I myself have dry skin but I get spots every so often that then refuse to leave but I'm betting this pair will get rid of them in no time.
Now, like I said, I have dry skin so I was worried the face wash might be to drying for it but so far it hasn't.
It's a foaming cleanser that contains salicylic acid so perfect in the fight against spots.

 I would advise to keep it away from your eyes as it does sting a little.
I love the packaging for this.It looks so clean and fresh. The face wash is durable plastic with a double pump and the serum is a beautiful weighty metal.
For me, the serum is my favourite of the two. It's thick for a serum but it sinks into the skin so quickly and really does moisturise.

 I've used this in place of a primer and it gave a really nice result. It even gentler on my dry skin than the face wash and I may have to repurchase this when this one runs out.
This is available now on QVC for the introductory price of £29 for the pair.
I'll be giving a more in depth review in about a month when I've really tested them out but so far so good!
As far as I I know QVC does ship to Ireland so if your interested why not check it out?
*PR Sample
All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What's in my Makeup Bag

Hey guys.
So I thought it might be nice if you could see what I actually carry around with me on a day to day basis.
If I have done any reviews I'll link them down below and the rest of the items will probably get full reviews in the near future.
Catrice BB All Round Foundation- review here.
NYX HD Concealer in Yellow-Brightens up my undereyes wonderfully.this was €6.99
L'Oreal concealer in Sand- good all round concealer. on sale for €2.00
Sleek Contour Pallette -review here.
Wet 'n' Wild blush in Pearlescent pink-pigmented and long lasting and the colour is just beautiful. this is around the €4.00 mark i believe.

Wet 'n' Wild Colour Icon palette in Comfort Zone -review here.
Essence Liquid Eyeliner- review here.
Essence I Love Stage eye shadow primer-this was less than €4 and i think it's really good.
Catrice Eyebrow kit-I've repurchased this more times than any other eyebrow kit. It's pigmented and the colours are spot on.
Catrice the Giant mascara- review here.

This is the makeup bag in it squeezes into :

I got my make up bag in Penneys just after Christmas and I think it's so cute.
I love the quilted fabric and the little bow on it. You can fit a surprising amount into it as well.
It was €4 and it's holding up really well for it being so inexpensive.

There are always 5 or 6 lip products rolling around in my bag but that changes so often. But there's always a lip balm with SPF, a nude lipstick, a pink lipstick or a red lipstick.
So there you have it. Any of these items in your make up bag? Or have you any recommendations to switch up mine?

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Beauty Scenario Tag

I've seen this doing the rounds on Youtube and I thought it might be a fun blog post to do so here it is.
Everyone who wants to do it is tagged :)
There are eight questions in this and I don't know of there are different variations so i'm taking the questions from Siobhan at letzmakeup's video.

You have to get rid of all your foundations and you can only keep one high end and one drugstore. Which do you keep?
I don't actually own any high-end foundations yet so I'm gonna go with my No. 7 Instant Radiance one for that and then my Catrice BB all round foundation as my drugstore choice.

You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth. Do you approach the subject or ignore it completely?
I would probably ignore it.I think it's the safest thing to do definitely as you don't know how she would react.

Your not feeling yourself and need a pick me up. Which lipstick do you put on to make yourself feel beautiful?
Probably Essence's long lasting lipstick in Wear Berries. It just makes me feel nice.

You go back in time for a day to your teenage years.How would you do your hair and makeup differently?
Probably not dye my hair from light blonde to jet black. I then used to punk it up a bit by wearing this bright magenta eye shadow all across my lid and not bother to blend it. I thought it looked great but looking back it was disastrous.

You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length Pixie Lott haircut but they mishear and give you a pixi cut. Do you
 A: Smile, say thank you, leave and call your mum hysterical.
B:Cry in the chair and then things get awkward.
C:Complain to the manager and demand a refund.
I would probably cry in the chair. I unfortunatley have no grasp over my own emotions so it would end up being very very awkward knowing me and it would be horrible.

Your friend surprises you with a four day city break. Which 'do it all' Palette do you bring with you?
I would bring my Wet 'n' wild Comfort Palette with me. You can make so many different looks with it and it's great for either daytime or night time looks. 

Your house has been robbed, don't worry everyone is safe, but your beauty stash has been raided. what is the one product you really hope is safe?
The makeup wouldn't bother me as much. It would be my brush collection that I would be more worried about as I've spent more time and money building that up. None of my make up would be that difficult to replace compared to my brushes as it is all drugstore items.

Your friend borrows your makeup and returns it in awful condition
Do you 
A:Just pretend you haven't noticed
B:Ask them to repurchase it
C: Secretly do the same to something of theirs
I don't think I'd do any of the above really. I would ask them what happened to it and see if we could come to some sort of agreement but I wouldn't demand they repurchase it and I definitely wouldn't do the same thing to something of theirs