Friday, 25 July 2014

NYX Matte Lipstick-Summer Breeze

Hey Guys, hope you're well.
So recently I got a few things from NYX and this matte lipstick was one of them.

I got it in the shade Summer Breeze and it's a beautiful candy pink.

It's a little bit lighter than the pinks I would normally go for but for summer I can just about pull it off with m slightly darker skin tone.
In the winter I might mix it a little bit with a deeper pink shade.
For a lipstick that is marketed as being matte I find it very creamy to apply and its beautifully opaque and doesn't dry out my lips at all.
The finish isn't as matte as I was hoping for though and lasting time is around the two hour mark- not one the longest lasting mattes in my collection but it doesn't leave that horrible line around the outline of my lips as it wears away, which is definitely something I appreciate
I do love the finish even if it's not matte and I'll definitely be picking up a few more of the shades as soon as i can.
Have you tried these lipsticks?What are your thoughts on them?

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