Monday, 7 July 2014

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick Review

Hey guys and welcome back.
Todays post is going to be about something I have wanted ever since I got into makeup.Not the shade per-se but the lipstick itself.
so pretty

I had researched the colours and formulas and decided on a 'my lips but better' shade, thinking i would get my moneys worth. I, of course, forgot everything i had researched as soon as I seen the MAC counter, but one of the girls seen my (quite apparent)floudering and offered to help.She recommended the shade Creme Cup (Cremesheen formula) and offered to apply it.
In the store it looked really nice,especially with the corresponding lipliner-which i didn't get-so i happily bought it.

I walked out chuffed with myself and after about half an hour i went to reapply it,just because i could, and i seen that outside in natural sunlight, the shade just didn't suit me.
with one coat,blotted,and reapplied

It was just too pale for my liking,and also shows up any imperfections that i have.
I was so dissapointed, not just because of the shade but the finish just wasn't what i was hoping for.Lasting time isn't that great either but it's not marketed at being long wearing anyway.You won't get much coverage on this either, the pigmentation isn't the best I've tried.I'm hoping i got a bad one as it hasn't put me off looking at new shades to splurge on next time i'm in Dublin, they're just so beautiful.
At 19 euro it was what I considered a splurge for a single lipstick. I'm perfectly happy with a Catrice or an Essence lipstick from their new line( post coming soon on that) but as a treat i'll be getting a different one as soon as!.
Did I just just get a bad one?What are your thoughts on MAC lipsticks?

*this blog post is not sponsered.All items were bought with my own money :)

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