Saturday, 26 July 2014

L'Oreal Paris Extra-Volume Collagene mascara

Hey guys, hope you are well.
In a recent splurge in a chemist i came across a box of L'Oreal products reduced down to 2 Euro, there wasn't much left but i did manage to get my hands on this:
L'Oreal Extra-Collagene mascara

I had actually never heard of this particular mascara. Usually ads for L'Oreal are on all the time showcasing their products but I don't remember seeing this one. Maybe it's been out for a few years?
I picked it up anyway thinking that if it was good I'd got a bargain and it if wasn't then well, it was only two euro.
It has a wand with bristles that grabs every lash and is in an hourglass shape.

I am glad I picked it up. While it definitely isn't my new favourite mascara it's still very decent.
It's very black and it applies nicely- as long as your not in a rush.
The first time I applied this I really didn't like it as it clumped together so badly. It gave me about six lashes as it was so clumpy.
I don't have anything against spidery ashes but it did look ridiculous.
I didn't want to write it off so i gave it a few more go's over a couple of days and I've found a way to use it that I like.
When I open it I scrape off as much of the mascara as I can and then wave it around for a few seconds to dry it a little bit. I then do two to three very light coats going in with a lash brush if there are any clumps.
This leaves me with voluminous and fanned out lashes with no clumps.
If I was in in a rush I would probably skip this mascara but when I have time I do like to use as I really like the effect it gives.
No mascara
Lovely fanned out lashes 
It doesn't give me an awful lot of volume but I'm not really one for it anyway, but just keep that in mind if you're looking for a mascara with volumising properties.
All in all it is a nice mascara, doesn't really do what it says it will but its very black and will fan out your lashes beautifully.

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