Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Everyday unicorn dresses up with Fanny Crown

Hey guys and welcome back.
So, so far everything on the blog has been beauty related but I'm going to try a fashion post.
Now I'm not by any means fashionable at all.
I live in leggings and hoodies, although I have been getting out of my comfort zone with dresses when the
weathers nice, but that's about it really.
So I was emailed about a week ago by Fanny Crown ,to enter a competition which I think runs every
month on their website.I was a bit hesitant a first but I thought I'd give it a go and break up the routine a little
on my blog. I checked out their website and was a bit overwhelmed really. They had such an array of styles to choose from that i didn't really know where to start. I made my way over to the Cocktail dresses and fell in love with so many.
I prefer my dresses to have sleeves of some sort as I don't like to show off my arms and they had so many styles with sleeves here, I was delighted.
This is the dress I chose:

 I have a wedding coming up and if i had the money I would actually buy this dress.
It's priced at 159 Euro, but I don't think this style would go out of fashion as it's just so elegant so it would
be one I could wear quite a few times.
It's just so different to anything I would find on the high street so I would know for sure that someone at the
wedding wouldn't have the same dress as me. This has happened on more than one ocassion.
I love the way that it's fitted at the waist and then flares out a little. This is just so flattering on any shape.
the embellishment is just so pretty as well. It's quite delicate but interesting at the same time.

I would pair it with nude peep-toe shoes from Primark:
These are so comfortable and that's always important for weddings as you spend so much time on your feet
dancing. Well I do anyway.
They are also quite summery as the have the peep toe and I would do my toes with the same colour as my fingernails.

My makeup would be a gold smoky eye:
Using MUA's Undress Me Too palette and Essence's liquid eyeliner.
It's my go-to understated smoky eye and the gold makes blue eyes blue-er.
I would probably wear a pair of fake eyelashes to up the drama just a little bit.

MAC Magenta lipliner on the lips. 
This will give me a nice pop of colour as the dress is black and silver
Jewelery would be low key as the dress is so embellished so maybe a small pair of silver drop earrings like
 these ones:
Designed by Solvar for Raglan Road

Nails would be this Catrice colour in Holi Hai

So thats my attempt at putting an outfit together.
Do you think these items would go well together? Have you had any experience with Fanny crown?

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