Sunday, 6 July 2014

Catrice The GIANT Extreme Volume Mascara

Hey guys,
I'm back with another Catrice product review for you today and this has been one of my favourite mascaras for a good while now.

This is one of the best mascaras I've come across in a long time and for an amazing price as well-around the 4.20 euro mark.

It has a conical wand with bristles that grab every single lash.It's also very pigmented as well as long wearing-no flaking with this bad boy, no siree Bob. The formula is neither too wet or too dry, it's just right.

This is my eyelashes with nothing on them-not the best,not the worst.
And this is with one coat of mascara
just one!
It really does thicken the lashes as well as add length and i love it!
Application is easy, there's no real danger of poking your eye out with it, unlike some-I'm looking at you Benefit They're Real- and it comes off easily with any normal makeup remover. 
For the price and the results i would definitly recommend this.
have you tried this mascara?what were your thoughts?
xo everyday unicorn 

*this blogpost is not sponsored.All items were bought with my own money :)

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