Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Booktube-a-thon 2014

Hey guys and welcome back.
So after seeing that Nurse Fancy Pants Here and Behind Green Eyes Here were doing Booktube-a-thon I thought I'd give it a go as well. If you haven't checked out their blogs, you need to-seriously.

A couple of years ago all I did was read books. I much rathered curling up and getting lost in a book than sticking on a DVD on or watching tv but then i just got a bit lazy and kind of fell out of love with books. So that's why I'm giving this ago.
It's about halfway through the challenge now and I think i'm keeping up to speed with it ok.
What I've read so far:
For the 'Start and finish a series' I chose:
The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
I had started to read this After i seen the first film and bought them but then I thought it would be easier to just watch the movies as they came out. I am so glad I actually took the time to read these as they give such dimension to the overall story. Don't get me wrong- the movies of the first two were very enjoyable but the details in the books just give it so much more.

For the 'Read a book with Pictures' challenge I chose:
Marilyn Monroe by Marie Clayton

I might be cheating a little bit with this one as it is mostly pictures.It's a beautiful book though and it takes you through her life in pictures with a few paragraphs beside the image telling you when and why the picture was taken. Perfect for a coffee table and the photography (all black and white) is amazing.
If you see it definitely pick it up.

Read a book with red on the cover
Read a book someone else has chosen for you.

My brother chose this for me and I'm so glad he did. I bought the book about 5 years ago and he took off with it so I'm finally getting to read it.
 I was a hardcore Guns and Roses fan growing up (old not new) and I'm about halfway through this book at the minute. If everything he says he has done is true, its a miracle he's alive.This is a really good choice for anyone who liked guns and roses growing up as it goes into detail of how they formed and just how crazy they really were.

Read a book from a genre you've read least this year.

The Donegal Women By John Throne
I have yet to start on this but the cover already has me very intrigued. I was very interested in learning about the famine and hiring fairs growing up so I think I'll find this very interesting. It's a story about the authors own grandmother and everything she went through growing up and if the cover is anything to go by I think it's going to be quite harrowing. I think it's going to be one of those books that i won't be able to put down.

Read a book that's been adapted into a movie
The Shining By Steven King 
This is one of those books that I've always wanted to read but could never quite buck up the courage for. I'm a total scaredy cat so even if I make it through the book I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch the movie. They're also meant to be quite different so I can't really get an indication of how scary It's actually going to be from reading the book but I'll give it a go..maybe.
Booktube-a-thon is also on twitter and youtube so check them out if you want to see what everyone else is reading. I've a list as long as my arm from what other bloggers have picked out so I definitely plan on getting back into reading this year. 


  1. id really love to do this im such a book lover, am i too late to join in?

    1. I wouldn't think so but even if you only get one or two books read its still fun to join in on twitter.. I think its from 3pm to 7pm and its a bit of craic :)

  2. Love your picks! The shining is such an amazing book and I loved the hunger games too! X

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to reading it :) x